I had to write the date for something at a store today, and I said to the cashier, “I’m on vacation, what’s the date today?”  I sure hope that my thought train made sense…but she didn’t flinch.  Anywho, I’m pretty sure it’s Wednesday.

I ended up leaving Medicine Hat a day early, but had fun going to the Royal Tyrell:)  There’s a number of Alberta activities that I’ve been wanting to do, but somehow never did while I actually lived in the province.  I’m kinda digging this annual pilgrimage, so hopefully next year I can make it to the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, lol.

Now I’m at Gil and Jenna’s, which is a place I always love to be.  Jenna’s got me set up in her lovely basement suite, although I would have been happy in a tent in the backyard.  Well, given the weather rolling overhead, maybe not…but the idea stands.  I feel rested for the first time in a couple of weeks, and today is the first day of vacation that I haven’t had to do any driving.

One of these days I’ll get around to adding pictures to my posts…

It was so good being in Three Hills, as brief as the visit was.  I didn’t see too many people, but had great visits with those I did.  I even got to eat one of my fave meals at a restaurant that I have so many memories from.  This visit wasn’t as sentimental as last time, but I think going more frequently makes a difference.

Had a nice easy drive to Medicine Hat.  Tim and Megan knew of a pub called the Riders Roost, which was a great little simple pub that was all decked out with Rider green:)

Once again, I’m tired.

I think that’s my primary driving factor for this tumblr project that I’ve suddenly fixated on.  I have wanted for so long to create a thing and put it out into the world.  I used to fulfill that need in school when I edited the [title] and, to a degree, when i wrote papers.  Writing is the art form that comes naturally to me, though not fiction.

Today has been a great day…had a nice, slow start by wandering around Revelstoke to find breakfast.  Early on a Sunday morning, the town was quiet and the few people who were out all said hello:)  The drive was good…minimal frustrations:)  I love love love Stoney Trail and how quick it is now to get around Calgary.

Got to 3 Hills right on schedule.  Had dinner with some friends, then spent the evening at Tony’s around a campfire, reminiscing about days of ol’ and getting updates on ‘where are they now.’  Gonna hit the hay pretty soon!  Plan to wander the town tomorrow and see what’s changed:)

I forgot to include my thoughts about my tumblr project. I had a lot of time for thoughts yesterday.

1. I need to set a deadline for going live.

2.  I wondered about including the occasional vlog post. I’m not sure that’s really my strength, but it might be fun to occasionally throw one in. Or that might be off topic and distracting.  I still haven’t decided.  The idea probably reflects my current obsession with the vlogbrothers anyways.

Splitting this drive into 2 days was a brilliant idea…I was so exhausted by the time I got past Salmon Arm, I probably would have stopped at a hotel if I hadn’t already booked one.

I had a lovely morning, cleaning my house and getting ready for the trip.  Since the landlords are doing something to the windows while I’m gone, I had extra motivation to get the place clean.

The other awesome thing about doing the drive in two parts is that by going later, there was SO little traffic.  I made pretty good time, despite 3 intentional stops and a momentary stop for the police.

Yep, the police.  Somewhere along the Coquihalla they were doing a speed trap…suddenly this officer was on the highway flagging 3 of us down.  While he was talking to the first car, he shouted at us other two to keep going… so my clean driving record is still intact!

Made my two traditional stops…Arby’s for a roast beef sandwich in Kamloops and Pedro Gonzales for fruit in Salmon Arm:)

Revelstoke is a cute little town.  My hostel, The Cube, is very geometric, lol.  Around the corner is a pub, so I caught the end of the hockey game over dry ribs and a beer.

Sorry this is so bare…I’m about to fall asleep.  Hopefully something more entertaining tomorrow!

And by that I mean I’ve taken care of really important business, like painting my nails and doing laundry, and am now up too late.  Actually, I’m feeling good about tomorrow.  My landlord asked if she could come into the apartment while I’m gone to wash windows.  This means I need to leave it clean… I decided that since work was so busy this week that it was just going to stress me out too much to try to get the house cleaned tonight.  I’m leaving later tomorrow and only going as far as Revelstoke, where I’ve booked a single-occupancy room at a hostel.  I’m really looking forward to a night in the mountains:)  Now I’m coordinating my ipod and phone for appropriate podcasts and playlists. I’ve even set aside a few clothes to pack, lol.  I figure I’ll have a good 4 ish hours in the morning, which is plenty for final trip prep.  I’d just way rather leave later and be relaxed…I usually leave myself a buffer day at the beginning and end of vacations, but this time logistically doesn’t work.  

Well, instead of working on playlists, I spent the evening building a tumblr.  Apparently a side affect of my recent youtube fixation is getting excited about creating online content.

Still trying to come up with a title… so far I’ve got a list of words I like, but I don’t want it to end up being like ‘Goop.’ *sigh*


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